Our vanilla

Our vanilla

According to world-renowned chefs, "Vanilla is the most powerful natural scent that can be used in the kitchen." The unmistakable smell of the brown pod, invariably associated with the cream color and the very sweet taste, does not find its followers just inside the kitchens and restaurants. The incredible ingredient produces essential oils, perfumes and colognes, cosmetic creams and of course thousands of sweets, gelato and yoghurts, in addition to any use in pastry. About 110 different species belong to the Vanilla family, but only three of them produce fruits with such powerful aromas. The vanilla is much more than anything in our confectionery industry. It has a multitude of health benefits, including its ability to reduce acne, increase hair growth, speed up healing processes, inflammation reduction and prevention of chronic illnesses.

What is vanilla?

Vanilla is a perennial, tropical, creeping plant and is considered the most expensive saffron spice worldwide.

It is an extremely popular ingredient in many distinctive kitchens worldwide and its aroma is undoubtedly unique. It is obtained from the orchids of the Vanilla species, which yields fruits in pod form. These pods can be seen with ranging lengths from 5 to 22 cm and their size dictates their quality. For example, Indonesian vanilla is one of the most preferred worldwide, due to its size.

The aforementioned pods have to be handpicked at the correct time to guarantee the ripeness of the fruit. The picking process is time consuming but popular, as vanilla demand is high, not only as a spice, but as a natural healing product as well.

Vanilla can be found as in extract, powder, whole pod and sugar form, which can be added to countless medicines, or even directly to body parts.

Useful properties of vanilla:

  • Reduces cholesterol levels in your system;
  • Rich in antioxidants;
  • There is an antibacterial tone that can protect the immune system and reduce body stress, which allows it to be healed;
  • Prevents cancer;
  • Speeds up hair growth;
  • Prevents acne;
  • Supports healthy digestion;
  • Calms you down;
  • It speeds up metabolism and promotes weight loss;
  • Prevents respiratory diseases;
  • Proves to be a powerful aphrodisiac;
  • Has antioxidant effect;
  • Has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and reduces the risk of serious illness
  • Improves mental health by reducing anxiety and depression;
  • Increases muscle energy;
  • Slows down aging;
  • Reduces the desire to eat sugary foods

Why is it nice to use real vanilla for our desserts?

At Gelato & Latte, the quality of our products and their final taste are a top priority, which is why we use real vanilla pods that we prefer, rather than the artificial counterparts. The vanilla we supply from a small manufacturer directly from Fr. Java, Indonesia, has a distinct smoky taste and is very high quality. In addition to the great taste, direct imports help us leave a smaller carbon footprint on nature.

Welcome and enjoy our amazing desserts at one of our Gelato & latte establishments.

We use vanilla in all of our products. We put vanilla in our Fior Di Latte gelato and in our homemade brownies.

Welcome and enjoy our amazing desserts at one of our Gelato & latte establishments.