Gelato sticks

Gelato sticks

Last year we went through several trainings at “Carpigiani Gelato University” in Bologna, Italy, and then we met Christian Bonfilioli from Pasticceria Bonfi in the of Gelato&Latte laboratory. Our goal was to expand our menu using our accumulated skills by making you various gelato desserts (cakes, waffles, waffle cones, etc.) and gelato on a stick, made from natural and high quality products.

1. The first step in making gelato on a stick is melting the chocolate in a water bath - we use single origin chocolate from Peru.

2. Depending on the flavor of the gelato on a stick, we use a different base. During the photo shoot, we prepare buffalo milk, pre-placed in molds and chilled.

3. Dip in the chocolate cover and "dress" the gelato on a stick in chocolate.

4. The final step is the decoration, which in this case consists of crushed nuts, salted caramel and chocolate figures, which we have prepared earlier.

The gelato is ready for consumption, and we are waiting for you at Gelato & Latte. Every day we offer new and diverse flavors, the product of our constant imagination. They are all handmade and unique because each gelato is made by our own gelato-masters and cannot be repeated.

We are expecting you!